Bells University of Technology, Ota, has continued to excel in providing cutting edge knowledge in technological education as it produces a fully automated hand-washing and sanitizing machine.


While commissioning the machine, which was produced by the College of Engineering, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Jeremiah O. Ojediran, RE (COREN) MNSE, acclaimed it as a state of the art device that utilizes full automation to deliver detection and delivery of its intended services.


The machine detects the user, wirelessly takes the user’s temperature, automatically triggers on the hand-washing process, releases soap, then water from the same tap and finally dries the hand by blowing the required amount of hot air; all these in an ordered time sequence.




  • The user’s body temperature is taken first. This is done when the user moves close to the infrared thermometer device on the machine.  The PIR sensor incorporated with the infrared thermometer detects the movement of the user: and body temperature is taken wirelessly through the forehead of the user.


  • In doing this, the user would have moved within the 30cm stipulated distance from the ultrasonic sensor; the ultrasonic sensor on the device detects this and automatically triggers “ON” the hand-washing process.


  • Soap is released first; and this process lasts for 5 seconds. This is followed by a delay of 5 seconds for the user to properly scrub his hands.


  • Water is thereafter released through the same tap outlet and this lasts for 12seconds. This is followed by the hand-drying process that lasts for 5 seconds.

It should be noted that the instructions on each of these processes are displayed on the screen of the LCD incorporated on the device.



  • Samuel Chukwukereuba
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    Dear Sir,

    Good morning, Want to purchase a form for the top up study with Bells. Kindly share with me the procedures. Checking to apply online but not responding

    I was told the form is up on sale now. Please share with me the details of the program. The commencement of lectures. Planing to study Mechatronics Engineering. I will appreciate if i get feedback today

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      Thanks for your interest in the program you can purchase our form either by clicking the the link on the modal or by going to the admission page and clicking on the direct entry link there thanks a lot

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    Good day,
    I am requesting if there is a possibility of gaining an admission into the University either by direct entry (Cambridge A levels/JUPEB) or regular UTME
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      Yes there is a possibility of gaining admission through those means

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      you can check on our admission page for more info

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