Bells University of Technology has commenced E-learning to ensure students are engaged in course work during the current lockdown resulting from COVID-19 pandemic.

The platform utilizes Moodle + Microsoft Office 365 which enables students to get course materials, collaborate and lecturers can engage with students.

All undergraduate and postgraduate students are expected to register on the Moodle platform and enrol in their second semester courses.

Registration details for Office 365 will normally be sent via internal communication.


Moodle and Office 365 provide a more coherent and synchronous experience for lecturers and students.

Moodle is a learning management system that enables course management, assessment and evaluation whereas Office 365 enriches the teaching and learning experience by driving engagement and collaboration around courses in Moodle.

Office 365 comes with a set of apps useful to help lecturers to engage with students to promote active learning.

A major component of Office 365 useful for remote teaching are Microsoft Teams and Class Notebook. Microsoft Teams and other associated features  are created to enable active learning in virtual environments replicating the face-to-face classroom model.

Lecturers are required to register on both platforms for the purpose of online teaching.

  1. Microsoft Teams for Education is institutional based. To get your account, forward your contact to Director, Bells University Open and Distance Learning Centre
  1. To create your Moodle account, register a new account on the E-learning site https://bellsuniversity.edu.ng/buodl

What you need to for remote teaching

  1. Moodle and Office 365 account
  2. Softcopy of lesson activities
  3. Access key for students to enroll in your course(s)

What you need to engage with students

  1. Discussion Forums
  2. Assignments/quizzes
  3. Video call
  4. Chat Messaging
  5. Attendance