Our Campus

Our Campus

Bells University of Technology runs a fully residential system. As such, all students reside on campus. To be able to cater to all the needs of the students within the campus, there are various outfits that provide the various needs of the students.

The University Consult runs a supermarket where students can walk in to purchase their basic needs both within and outside the lecture rooms.

There are also a number of vendors and cafeterias within the University premises that provide catering services to students. These services include the general pay as you go services as well as specialized services such as special orders for student or University events, post-paid catering services and specially arranged monthly or periodically prepaid catering services. However, these services are usually contracted between the vendor and the individual student.

The University also has a bookshop running within the campus. Students can get books and stationery materials here. On a regular basis, the University Library and Faculties send a list of recommended texts to the bookshop to ensure that the students can always get whatever textbooks or materials they require in the bookshop.


The policy of Bells University of Technology is to provide accommodation on Campus for all students. The policy is in line with the University’s vision of producing graduates with morally and intellectually balanced education.

There are currently seven furnished Halls, four dedicated to male students and three to female students. The University supplies beds and mattresses for the Students. The University also has a strict exeat policy for students who wish to be away for a specific period. For enquiries, visit the contact page.


The following are the approved dress codes for all students of Bells University of Technology.

While maintaining good taste of high morality and modesty, the appearance of every student should be characterized by neatness, purity and simplicity; which must conform to high moral standard.

Students appearing for matriculating or for convocation for the award of degrees shall comply strictly with the following dress codes. Daily campus dress codes are to be strictly followed. No exceptions are permitted under any circumstance.

A. Dress Code for Fresh Students at Matriculation:

For Male Students (i.) Must dress in dark suit (black, blue, dark grey) (ii.) White, light blue, grey, beige shirt and knotted tie (iii.) Attires with garish colors and patterns are not permitted (iv.) Only shoes with or without shoe lace are permitted (v.) Hair must be neatly groomed; afro or dreadlocks are not permitted

For Female Students (i.) Must wear skirts (gown) or skirt and blouse long enough to cover the knee (ii.) Pant suits are not permitted (iii.) Materials of garish colors are not permitted (iv.) Shoes and sandals with straps are allowed

B. Dress Code for Graduating Students at Convocation: 

For Male Students (i.) Must dress in suit (ii.) Wear shirt and knotted tie or bow tie permitted (iii.) Materials with garish colors or patterns are not permitted (iv.) Only the shoes with or without shoe lace are permitted (v.) Hair must be neatly groomed; afro or dreadlocks are not permitted (vi.) Put on Bells University of Technology academic gown with cap and hood with appropriate college color.

For Female Students (i.) Must wear skirts or skirt and blouse long enough to cover the knee (ii.) Pant suits are not permitted (iii.) Materials of garish colors are not permitted (iv.) Shoes and sandals with straps are allowed; avoid outlandish high-heeled shoes (v.) Hair must be groomed; neat and tidy (vi.)Put on Bells University of Technology academic gown with cap and hood with appropriate college color.

C. Dress Code for All Students on Campus:

For Male Students

(a.) Clean shirt and trousers with well-known knotted tie, sagging not allowed,

(b.)Decent jeans with no patches, obscene drawings or wordings are permitted

(c.) No face cap or beret is permitted in the Lecture rooms

(d.) Shoes and sandals with straps are allowed but not bathroom or rubber slippers of any kind

(e.) Smart native wears on Fridays are permitted

(f.) Materials of garish colors are not permitted within the campus

(g.) Men should not go barefooted or without shirts anywhere on campus except during outdoor games.

(h.) Men should not wear muscle tops, earrings or necklace.

(i.) Wearing of beards, afro and dreadlocks are not allowed.

For Female Students

(a.) Skirts must be long enough to cover the knee and not be slit above the knee .

(b.) Transparent, sheer or tight-fitting blouses, sweaters or skirts are not permitted.

(c.) Dresses with low necklines or that do not fully cover the shoulders and armpits are not permitted.

(d.) Shorts, slack and similar attire should not be worn outside the halls or residence on Campus except while on field trips

(e.)Smart native wears on Friday are permitted

(f.) Materials of garish colors are not permitted within the campus

(g.) Excessive facial make-up, colored nail-polish, artificial nails and bleaching and tattoos must be avoided

(h.) Students are allowed moderate use of unnatural braided hair or attachment which, in any case should not exceed neck-length.

(i.) Unnatural braided hair or attachment should match with the natural hair color.

(j.) The hair should be well groomed (neat and tidy) all the time.

(k.) Use of jewelry should be moderate.

(l.) Noisy and bogus should be avoided

WARNING: Native attires of whatever description are not allowed for Matriculation and Convocation.

Bells University of Technology, Ota allows Associations that promotes social interaction between the town and gown. Through these Associations, students are provided a platform for social interaction and training for leadership roles in the future. The Student Affairs Unit is responsible for the registration and monitoring of Students Associations on Campus. Some of the Associations include: Bells University Students’ Association (BUSA), Man-O-War, Red Cross Society, Health Advocates Club, Technological/Historical Society and other Socio-Cultural Associations. In addition, there are various Students’ Professional Bodies like the:

  • Nigerian Economics Students Association (NESA);
  • Nigerian Association of Computer Sciences Students (NACOSS);
  • National Association of Food Science and Technology Students (NAFTSTS);
  • Students Chemical Society of Nigeria (SCSN);
  • National Association of Microbiology Students (NAMS);
  • National Association of Biochemistry Students (NABS); and
  • Business Administration Students Association (BASA).

These Associations and Professional Bodies have been responsible for organizing both Academic and Social Events for students on Campus. Some of them have also engaged in community service activities and made donations to the less privileged in the Society and also to the University Community.


Welcome to Bells University of Technology Health Centre, we render Health Services to students, staff and the University Community as a whole and manage an effective referral services. The Facility is 20 bedded and boast of Professional and dedicated staff  in all Unit ranging from Laboratory, Pharmacy, Health Records and the Nursing.

Brief History of the University Health Centre

The Health Centre commences operation fully in October 2005 as 10 bedded facilities with few numbers of staff, with the rapid growth of student on campus a more spacious building was donated by PZ Cussions Plc in 2007 and another adjoining building was also donated by them which house the wards (both Male and Female/staff wards) in 2011.


  • 24-hours General Out- patient Clinic and Emergency Service
  • In-patient care
  • Eye Clinic
  • 24 hours Laboratory Services
  • Pharmaceutical Services
  • 24-hours Ambulance Services


Describe the health care delivery system maintained by the University or other facilities for the benefit of both staff and student.


The Health Centre being a Primary Health Care facility has been rendering the following services:

  • Providing Primary Health Care to the University community comprising of both its staff and students.
  • Providing Pre employment medical screening for its new staff and also Pre Matriculation Medical screening for its students.
  • Providing Medical Referrals to secondary and tertiary medical centers and also Emergency Medical facilities.
  • Giving Health Prevention Talks and Medical Counseling.
  • Giving advice to University Management on Health related policies through the University Health Board.


A brand new, well equipped Ambulance with modern resuscitation devices which was donated to the University to assist in emergency evacuation of critically ill patients. This was handed over to the University Health Centre in 2016, however the old ambulance is also still available.

There are two existing building structures, the Out Patient Section and the adjoined second building which houses the wards. The Out Patients section accommodates

  • The Pharmacy unit with a store.
  • The Laboratory unit.
  • Health Records Unit.
  • Three consulting rooms.
  • A nurse’s station
  • The attendant’s lounge

The In-patients section consists of:

  • A treatment with adjoining Autoclave Room
  • A Nurses station
  • Eight bed each Male and Female wards with adjoining conveniences.
  • Two Side wards for both Male and Female staff.
  • An observation area with adjoining waiting room.

The University Health Centre runs a twenty four (24) hour service delivery and patients are treated based on individual needs. The University Health Services can boast of well trained staff with good antecedent history in all the units.

Apart from curative management of clients, preventive aspects of medicine are also practiced; these include health promotion through various screening programs and immunization, etc.  Patients’ treatment and satisfaction is respected at all times, which is why there is a memorandum of understanding undertaken with a secondary facility for advanced cases requiring surgeries. This ensures high responsiveness and prompt case management.


The various units of the Health Centre have the following staff strengths:

  1. Physicians:

This consists of three Medical Officers and a Corp. Medical officer, of which two are residents on campus.

  1. Pharmacy Unit:

This unit consists of Two Pharmacist and a Pharmacy technician.

  1. Nursing Unit:

This unit is made up of:

Assistant Chief Nursing Officer

Two Principal Nursing Officers

Two Senior Nursing Officers

Two Nursing Officers

Six Health Attendants

  1. Medical Laboratory Unit

The unit consists of:

Two Medical Laboratory Scientists

One Corp. Medical Laboratory Scientist

  1. Medical Records Unit

This Unit has three Medical Records Officers.

The University also maintains a link in addition to the above with Ace Medicare clinic, a Private hospital in town, where serious cases are referred.